Employers Take About 60 Seconds to Screen a Resume.

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January 23, 2017
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January 23, 2017

With so many resume submissions, the task of going through each resume one by one can become tedious and mundane. You want to gain an employer’s attention up front and retain their interest to make them want to exceed the 60 seconds. So how is this accomplished? Although resume format is important, it’s the content that makes the biggest difference.

Having written resumes for job seekers and screened thousands of resumes for employers, here are some helpful suggestions our team at HR Difference want to share with you:

  • Describe your skills, experience and knowledge up front. Ensure that your descriptions are relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Italicize key words to stand out. The italicized words represent importance and attract the reader. These words should be relevant to the job posting.
  • Avoid employment gaps. Employment history should flow from one position to another. If you have gaps (e.g. Maternity leave, extended vacation etc.) mention it in your resume.
  • Explain your short stay. Nothing scares employers away then showing short stays at various places of employment. If these are contract or temporary positions, mention this on your resume.
  • Describe key accomplishments for each position listed. Share how you positively impacted the employer. (e.g. Lead a group to complete a 2 million dollar system upgrade within a specific time and within budget). The accomplishments should be something you completed that received recognition and not something you achieved as a group member.
  • Avoid copy and paste. Whatever you do, do not copy and paste information from the job posting to your resume. Be original and show how your skills, knowledge and experience align with the job posting. Also, avoid repetition from one job to the next on your resume (e.g. If you have done the same job over the past three years with three different companies, do not copy and past your job description from one to another).

The biggest question you need to ask yourself before submitting a resume is “does my resume sell me?” If you have to think before responding or unsure, then you should seek a professional resume writer. A good writer will take the time to customize your resume to fit your needs and better your chances of retaining an employer’s attention longer then 60 seconds.

Information provided by HR Difference.

Our HR team specializes in providing small and medium sized companies with cost-efficient and customized human resources solutions to meet your need and budget. We also provide custom resume writing and telephone job interview coaching to job seekers.

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