What types of organizations do you work with?
We provide HR consulting services to all types of small- and medium-sized businesses in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. Usually with 5 to 50 employees. We’ve worked with businesses in all kinds of industries, ranging from construction, hospitality and professional services firms.
Unlike most consulting companies that sell you a package, have set prices or contingencies, we work with each company on an individual basis. We understand being a start-up or a small business has its challenges, so we do our best to provide products and services that meet your needs.
To learn more, send us an email or request a consultation.
Why do you choose to work with small and medium size companies?
We have been down that road and we know how challenging it can be for a start-up or small/medium size company to get professional human resources consulting services. We value our clients and want to see you succeed, hence we like that boutique like feel. Choosing a ma and pa type store as opposed to a large chain is our preference.
Why did you change your name from HR Difference to HR Difference?
We went through several changes and rebranding the name made sense to us. Let’s hit the reset button and try something new.
Are you the same company that helped establish the Careers section with 24 Hours newspaper?
Yes correct, one of our business partners, Moshin Manji was responsible for establishing the careers section for the 24 hours newspaper. After providing valuable information to job seekers and employers for almost 4 years, it was time to step away. Many of Moshin’s articles can be found in our blog section.
Will you recruit or head hunt employees for us?
Generally, we work with businesses to create hiring process to ensure they have a perfect recruitment process in place
Some of our clients prefer we get involved, so additional cost-effective hiring services we provide include: screening resumes, conducting phone interviews, recommending a short-list of candidates for the client to interview in person, conducting reference checks and making the job offer.
If a contract, part-time or full-time human resources professional is required, we work with our recruitment firm partners to find you the best individual for your company.
To learn more about how we can help with your hiring needs, please contact us.
What do your HR consulting services cost?
Our consulting services are offered either on a project basis or on a retainer basis, with a specified scope and fixed-fee pricing. We offer very cost-effective solutions so you can focus on building your business. Following our initial consultation, we provide a written proposal clearly outlining the deliverables and fixed-fee pricing.
Can we pay on an hourly-rate basis for one-off HR services?
Yes, give us a call at 604-617-5969 or email us to discuss what you need and how we may be able to assist.
Do you offer an initial consultation?
Of course – simply complete the Request for Consultation form or call us at 604.617-5969
What types of organizations do you offer HR workshops to?
We offer HR workshops to a range of organizations, including businesses conducting retreats for their management team, and speaking at conferences put on by associations and trade organizations.
Do you offer additional workshops topics beyond those listed on your site?
Yes – we offer workshops on a wide variety of human resources topics, including performance management, dealing with conflict, effective problem solving, providing feedback, etc. Simply let us know what you’d like covered, and we’ll let you know if we can offer it.
How do I get in touch with someone to discuss our workshop requirements?
Simply Request a Consultation to discuss your HR workshop needs or give us a call at 604.617-5969
Do you help clients in Vancouver only or are you Canada wide?
Our services were established in Vancouver, BC but our clients span throughout Canada and the USA.
I would like a Learning Management System for my company, do you offer a demo and trial?
Yes, one of our team members can run through a demo of our amazing learning management software FABRIC and provide you with a trial.
Can I create custom course to add to the LMS?
Yes, we will work with you to incorporate an existing course you have or create new courses.
Resumes Writing and Job Interview Coaching
Resume Writing
What can I expect when I work with HR Difference?
We have a dedicated team at HR Difference that works only with job seekers.
Once you purchase our resume service, you will receive an email containing a questionnaire. You may also receive an initial phone interview to discuss your career goals. Once the questionnaire is submitted, you will receive a first draft of an edited or new resume within seven days. You can then continue to collaborate with your writer to revise your resume over the next seven days.
Do I get to work with a resume writer?
Yes! When you choose Resume Writing, you’ll also receive an email and most likely a phone call from one of our resume writers. After receiving a first draft of your resume, you can continue to work with your writer to revise your resume for an additional seven days.
Why should I choose HR Difference?
We know resumes and have been writing them for the past 15 years. Our resume writers have written thousands of resumes. We can’t even tell you the number of return customers or referrals that we get. We definitely appreciate the acknowledgement.
How many resumes has HR Difference worked on?
We’ve written and edited thousands of resumes since 2000. As a matter of fact, we have been daily columnists providing information to job seekers on resumes via our previous name HR Difference.
How long has HR Difference been in business?
We’ve been writing and editing resumes since 2000. We were initially known as HR Difference.
Do you write or edit resumes for customers outside the United States?
Our service have no boundaries—but our language barriers do. We are happy to work with English-speaking customers from around the world. And providing all our resumes in english.
Do you offer sample resumes?
A few sample resumes do exist on our Blog.
How can I contact you to ask questions?
For an immediate response, give us a call at 604.617.5969, start a chat, or message us on Facebook at. If your question or comment doesn’t need to be responded to immediately, consider contacting us via email
When can I see a first draft of my resume?
The process starts when you fill out our online questionnaire, which provides your resume writer with the information needed to write or edit your resume effectively. After you fill out and submit the questionnaire, you will receive a first draft of your resume in less than 7 days
In a rush? You can choose our express delivery option to receive the first draft of your resume 72 hours after you submit your questionnaire.
How many revisions do I get with my resume?
You receive an initial draft of your in less than 7 days after completing the questionnaire. After you receive your first draft, Resume Writing includes unlimited revisions during the next seven days.
What format(s) do I get my HR Difference resume in?
All documents are delivered in Microsoft Word format.
Do I need a cover letter?
This is optional. A resume can get you noticed, but a cover letter expands on your unique qualifications and offers an opportunity to share information not suitable for your resume. We always say, it doesn’t hurt to have a cover letter prepared.
Look for samples on our blog.
How long should my resume be?
Most resumes should be no longer than two pages. However, resumes for some industries, like those focused heavily on research and projects, may be longer. If you have extensive experience in your industry, or across industries, your resume may also be longer to include all relevant information.
What forms of payment do you accept?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What forms of payment do you accept?
If you’re unsatisfied with your order, we will continue to work with you until you are satisfied. Service fees generally are non-refundable. Any refund granted in the sole discretion of HR Difference will be less a refund charge of not less than 15%
Can I have a resume writer review my resume before I place an order?
Unfortunately, we do not evaluate resumes prior to ordering. If you need help deciding which product is right for you, email us at info@hrdifference.com . We’re happy to describe our services and help you decide which one is right for you.
What are the hours and availability of your resume writers?
Hours vary from writer to writer. However, we are extremely flexible and will work with your schedule to accommodate weekend/evening calls and emails where necessary.
Can my resume be translated into other languages?
At this time, HR Difference does not provide resume writing or editing in languages besides English. All documents you submit must be in English.
How are resume orders assigned to a writer?
Unlike other resume writers, we actually review and write your resume within a team. Although you are assigned a resume writer, writing always has the feedback from various team members in our resume round table. Similar to a panel interview, we want to avoid any bias etc. and this is done by having multiple set of eyes on the page.
What is the general cost for resumes?
Average price is $125-$300 cdn. Depending on level of experience and work required we can ask for resume writing fees to cover various levels, such as:
  • Students & Entry-level (less than 2 years of experience).
  • Students & Entry-level (less than 2 years of experience).
  • Students & Entry-level (less than 2 years of experience).
Job Interview Coaching
What is coaching method?
Our interview coaching method is modeled on an interview coaching role play of typical interview questions from situational, behavioural to traditional open ended questions. We also provide you with feedback and guidance for improvement before your actual interview. All job interview coaching is done via telephone and in some circumstances through WhatsApp for visual tools.
What style interview do you simulate?
We use best practices for interviews used in today’s market. We us various techniques from unstructured open ended like “Tell me about your experience based on your resume?” to behavioural questions such as” tell us about a time when you had to lead a team, what was the biggest challenge you faced?” We prepare you like a real interview. All coaching is customized to fit the position and style you are expecting.
Who should take job interview coaching?
The service is for anyone in the job market from a first job to executive level. If you have not been in an interview for quite some time, why not refresh your skills
What do you base your feedback on?
The feedback is based on research we have done on the particular company, industry and human resources perspective. Our goal is to see you succeed in a real life interview on the way to a job offer.
How much does job interview coaching cost?
Each session is based on 1 hour. The cost is $125 cdn (plus applicable taxes). This consists of an initial interview and coaching followed by feedback.
What materials will I receive?
  • You will receive a resume job interview guide
  • Additional practice questions
  • Questions to ask the interviewer, thank you and how to follow-up.
  • Any additional feedback notes.
  • We are currently working to send you the actual telephone mock interview recording.

We are your HR Difference