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February 17, 2017
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February 17, 2017

With the new age of the internet, millions of resumes are being posted online each day. So do job seekers stay on top of things and get your resume noticed online among other job seekers? Receiving resumes online has now become the preferred method by employers of all sizes. With an electronic resume, your resume can easily be forwarded internally within a company with ease, which makes things simple, less time consuming and increases the chances of having more then one person look at your resume at one time.

The following is a list of tips HRinmotion has compiled to help get your resume noticed online. The competition among job seekers is immense, but selling yourself effectively to impress employers online is critical.

 A well written resume: Remember that a resume is your first impression and point of contact to get you noticed by an employer. You need to stand out from other job seekers and a well written professional resume is important. Place all your knowledge, experience and skills pertinent to the job you are targeting up top to grab an employers attention.

  • Keywords are a must: Provide industry keywords throughout your resume and repeat them often so they’ll be sure to be picked up by the employer and resume tracking systems.
  • Spell it out: Make sure you spell out all acronyms. Not every employer will know what the acronym means, especially if you are applying for positions outside your own city or abroad.
  • Spell it right:  Nothing leaves a worse impression then a poorly written resume. Make sure the resume is well formatted, easy to read and has no spelling mistakes. So use spell check at all times.
  • Reflect on the job posting / job description: Add the position requirements on your resume. If the employer indicates on the job posting they are looking for someone with “presentation experience”, “excellent experience with MS products” or “3-5 years experience”, show this on your resume. If majority of requirements from a job posting are not reflective on your resume, you are less likely to attract the employer’s attention.
  • Maximize your search: Increase your exposure by posting your resume on various sites. Don’t just target job boards; there are many sites you may want to consider when posting your resume: social networking sites, media (newspapers online), local community sites, forums, and target specific employer’s websites.
  • Include complete resume: Try and send your complete resume to an employer’s email address as an attachment rather then cutting & pasting your resume on job boards. If job boards only accept rich text resumes, save a resume in rich text for online job board purpose only.  Don’t just fill in the standard resumes forms at the big job boards. Always submit a complete resume.
  • Mention accomplishments with $ and #’s: The goal is to gain a recruiters attention right at the top with your accomplishments, i.e. “awarded #1 salesperson for entire company worldwide” or “managed and successfully completed a $3 million project within scope, time and budget”. Don’t be afraid to show off your accomplishments on your resume.
  • Contact information: Ensure that an employer can contact you. List multiple means of contact, including home numbers and cell phone numbers. Make sure to use fitting email addresses for job hunting – “jazzyjoe@hotmail” or babyjane@gmail” doesn’t represent professionalism.
  • Create web presence: Get yourself online so employers can find you. Join professional network groups like Jigsaw and LinkedIn, create a blogs or have your own personal website. For example if you are a web designer you might want to include links to web sites or graphic designs you have created for clients. These are all good places to post your resume and any other relevant information.

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