Job Interview Coaching Service

The convenience of job interview coaching anytime over the phone.

What makes our job interview coaches different?

Having been on the other side of the interview table, advised employers on hiring decisions, and screened thousands of resumes, our job interview coaches are in a unique position to share their expertise with you.
As former corporate HR professionals, we have hired for many high-profile employers in both the public and private sectors, in such industries as health care, IT, airlines, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing, government, and non-profit social services. We have hired for both permanent as well as contract positions. HR Difference has been invited as guest speakers at conferences, and in the media to speak on the topic of job interview training for both job seekers and employers. We have helped job seekers in many different positions, we would be pleased to help you get the edge in your next interview.
Features and benefits
A job interview coach from the convenience of your own home.
Learn one on one
Our job interview coaching sessions are designed for individuals who prefer to learn in a small more private environment. By working with a job interview coach one on one, you can work at your own pace. The job interview coaching process is flexible and is designed to accommodate the needs of each individual learning style.
Learn from the convenience of your own home
Our job interview coaching sessions are conducted remotely via telephone and internet for your convenience. Your job interview coach will conduct your mock interview, record your responses, provide instant feedback and deliver practice guide and questions. It’s a smarter way to do business that allows you to get personal job interview coaching from the convenience of your own home.
Session take aways
We believe that the most honest job interview coach you will ever meet is a member of HR Difference. We don’t shy away from telling you as it is. Your job interview coach will provide you with the mock interview questions developed specifically for your target job accompanied with notes on your strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we will provide you with our job interview guide complete with our valuable tips and tricks.
Personal approach
Your job interview coach will develop a mock interview specifically for you and the job you would like to get. The methods we use to develop your interview questions are the same ones we used as corporate HR in developing job interview questions for hiring managers. We develop these interview questions by analyzing the core competencies and skills. Job ad, your resume and so forth.

The Process

How to get started with your job interview coaching session.
1. Complete your purchase of a job interview coaching session online.
2. You will receive our job interview coaching questionnaire to complete by email.
3. Your job interview coach will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your session.

Job Interview Coaching

$150 cdn

A one hour telephone session
Get the experience, practice and feedback as we go through a mock interview and give you tips and tricks via the phone.
Coaching from the convenience of your own home.

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