Learning Management System Software

Learning and training made easy for your employees and clients.

Our team of human resources, training and system programmers have developed a industry leading Learning Management System software (LMS) that is customizable, user-friendly and simple.
Train your employees through engaging courses and ensure training material has been understood through tests. Your employees will have a training tool that‘s accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Online training has never been this easy.
Our LMS – FABRIC, is a powerful learning platform that generates personalized, adaptive learning experiences. FABRIC conforms to your preferred styles, fonts, graphics, logos, workflows, organizational structures, lingo, access and publication rules. FABRIC works in every written language, with excellent support for collaborative writing, editing, translation and versioning. FABRIC connects communities of practice with mentor matching, and manages learning events on a shared calendar that can include personal and team goals.

FABRIC supports branching scenario-based learning, adaptive assessment, logging performance over time, live polling, private journals, public blogs, and portfolios. With built-in ecommerce and social media integration, the only limit is your imagination. Our key features include:
  • Online tracking
  • Immediate reports
  • Modular content structure
  • Tailored content based on groups and hierarchies
  • Endlessly customizable
  • eCommerce integration
  • Individual user blogs and portfolio

For additional information on our learning management system - FABRIC LMS, please visit www.fabriclms.com

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