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Hire a professional Resume Writer - You only get one chance to impress!.

  • Have your resume professionally written by our resume writers and launch your career!
  • Round Tabled by certified human resources professionals and resume writers.
  • Our resume writers have hired for many high profile employers within various industries and experience levels.
All of our candidate preparation services have been designed by human resources professionals with practical experience gained from hiring and training for high-profile employers. Our products and services cater to a global audience by providing web based products. Our main objective is to assist individuals with preparation methods to help them sell themselves to an employer.
Resume writing is such a powerful skill, you should never underestimate the massive bonus that it can give your potential for being hired. We use smart resume writers who know what to say and how to entice industry specialists to give you the chance first.

What Makes Our Resume Service Different?

Our resume writers are HR professionals. By choosing our service, your resume will be written by Human Resources professionals with expertise in recruitment and selection (a fancy HR word for hiring). Many of our competitors are career counselors, self-taught resume writers, English majors and so on. While each provide a unique value, we believe our service provides a distinct advantage: the employer's view. When hiring all of our writing teams for resume planning in Canada, we made sure we hired people who sound natural when writing, but can still fit to sound like you.
After all you have to sound like yourself on the resume. We make you sound polished and professional, but we crucially make sure that you still sound like you.
Having been on the other side of the interview table, advised employers on hiring decisions, and screened thousands of resumes, our resume writers are in a unique position to share their expertise with you. We’re also engaged regularly in extensive job interview coaching, meaning that we can easily adapt your resume to fit with what our recruitment clients ask for.
As such, we aim to provide the highest quality services and products. Many of competitors simply use CV templates and reformat the information that the candidate has already provided them into their resume template. While using resume templates and reformatting is less labour intensive and quick, we believe that the result is a product that is not as effective.
Not only is the result not likely to be as unique, it’s more likely to come across as a fast and cheap option. You want your resume to promote you as the five-star selection, not the cheap template from online.

Average price is $125-$300. Depending on level of experience and work required we can ask for resume writing fees to cover various levels, such as:

  • Students & Entry-level (less than 2 years of experience).
  • Experienced Professionals (non-managers with 2+ years of experience).
  • Managers & Executives (managers, directors, VPs, SVPs, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs).

The Process

How to get started:
1) Choose the resume service that you want
2) Complete your purchase online
3) You will receive our question to complete by email
4) Submit your existing resume
5) You will receive a draft of your new resume within a maximum of 5 days

prices listed exclude sales tax

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