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February 17, 2017
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February 17, 2017

When it comes to lying on your resume, there is just one policy, don’t do it. The hiring community can be a very small circle. I have spoken to many hiring managers, recruiters, HR professionals and other employment professionals who can recall almost every time they caught an applicant who lied on his/her resume.

A report from professional association Career Directors International based in Melbourne, Fla., estimates that 42% to 52% of job seekers have admitted to lying and/or misrepresentation on their resume. Perhaps what those job seekers don’t know is that the Society for Human Resource Management reported that 96 % of employers perform some sort of reference or background check. Having been on the other side of the interview table, I can tell you how easy it is to tell when someone has misrepresented their resume and is trying to lie during a job interview.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for increasing fraud because it’s not confined to one type or position level of career. Coaches, CEOs, professors and even poet laureates have made the news in the past for their faked credentials.

According to various news articles, job seekers usually pad their resume when they are desperate, especially during tough times in the labour market. Candidates are aware that they can not make it far into the application process with a lack of qualifications; hence education and employment usually comes up highest when it comes to padding or falsification of information.

Gaps in employment usually raise extra attention on resumes as many applicants will fill them in with comments such as “I worked for a friend” or “I did consulting work.” If a job seeker is faced with issues such as gaps, is desperate for work, or feels they lack in qualifications, the best approach is to form a plan – maybe even seek a job preparation  professional’s help – not to fake information. There’s a process for getting a job, like driving a car or making a gourmet meal. You have to plan your steps and package your resume, much like a marketing campaign. Be honest and truthful with your current skills, knowledge and experience. Falsifying a resume will eventually catch-up with you later in time and “red flag” you in your job search process.

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