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February 17, 2017
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Along with the typical panel behavioural based job interview, more employers seem to be adding additional components to the job interview process. The components can include anything from making individuals take various assessment or skill tests to oral presentation. In regards to the short 10-15 minute presentation, employers are evaluating you on your overall technique of selling yourself, thinking under pressure and oral and written presentation skills.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing for a successful mock oral presentation:

Selection: If an Employer lets you decide on a topic, choose a product or service you know well or have sold before.  Try and relate the product to the present company. Select a topic that enables you to demonstrate strong product knowledge and experience.

Prepare a 10-15 minute presentation intended to educate and convince prospective mock audience about the benefits of using your product/service. The 2-3 panel members of the typically play the role of your prospective customers.

Objective:  Your goal is to demonstrate your skill at presenting product or service information in small group settings or teams.  Typically the employer will score you on any of the 10 sections below:

  1. Do you builds rapport and engages others
  2. How effectively do you demonstrate product knowledge and confidence
  3. Did you educate the group and maintain the audiences focus
  4. Did you present in a focused and professional manner
  5. How effectively did you handle objections
  6. Overall professional image
  7. Did you respond to questions effectively
  8. How clear did you communicate, did you maintain eye contact
  9. Did you present within the allocated time
  10. Did you ask the audience if they had any questions (during and after presentation)

Closing:  Remember, Your presentation cannot exceed 10-15 minutes, so carefully select and narrow your topic.  Your presentation will conclude at the allocated time, whether you are finished or not.  This will include the Question and Answer period, so keep this in mind when building your presentation.

Remember, humour is always effective and most employers love visual stimulations; so add charts, graphs and ice breakers to capture the audience attention early and throughout the presentation. This in turn will help you relax, smile and have fun.

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