Using the phone as a job search tool

Students – taking steps towards a successful job search.
February 17, 2017
Part 1 – Answering interview questions the right way.
February 17, 2017

The telephone remains one of the most uncomfortable tools for most people, especially when it comes to talking to a stranger on the other end. However, if used properly, it is a vital part of the job search. So try and put your fears aside and use it in your job search.

Your first step is to target prospective employers before making the call and being well prepared.

Getting started: find out the phone number, title and correct contact name of the main person in charge of making the hiring decision.

Obtaining information: The receptionist is the key person to ask for the name and correct spelling of the person you wish to speak with. Always thank her, hang-up and call back when you are ready to speak with the main contact person.

Getting past the receptionist: When making calls, try calling shortly before 9:00 am or just after 5:00 pm. Remember, the secretary is there to screen calls, so be confident and direct as though you know the person you are calling.

A well created presentation: When you are put through, it is important you have a well written and tight presentation with a strong “grabber”. Plan what you will say before the call by rehearsing possible questions and answers. For example, “Good Morning, I am John Smith I have 10 years training and experience as a project manager. My strength is leading teams of 10 people with successful projects exceeding 3 million dollars. I would like to come by for an interview”

What if it becomes an interview? : If the telephone call last more then at least 2 minutes you are probably being interviewed. If this happens, be sure you have the following information in hand: your resume, the source of the job lead, past experience related to the posted position and the knowledge, skills and abilities you can contribute to the job and company. So do your research about the company prior to picking up the phone.

What if there are no openings? : If the employer does not have any current openings or the position has been filled, tell the employer that you would still like to talk about openings that may arise in the future. If the employer asks to send in your resume, ask if you can drop it off in-person so you may introduce yourself and put a face to a voice. If the employer sounds hesitant, try to find out why, and then try and set a date for an interview

Remember, even if you get rejected, smile and thank the employer and get on with the next call. Keep your head-up high and keep at it. You just may have called at a wrong time or they genuinely may not need someone with your skill set.

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