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February 21, 2017
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February 22, 2017
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With so many LMS options in the market today, it is difficult to find the right software that meets the needs of your organization. HR Difference provides you Fabric a LMS that was developed not only by experience Computer Programmers, but also human resources and learning specialists. We have worked with numerous learning management systems throughout the years and have taken the time to listen to our learners. We are convinced you will not need another LMS after using FABRIC

So why should you choose our LMS over others?

The best authoring tools

99.8% of LMS solutions have no built-in authoring tools, so content management and creation is complicated, expensive, and limited. The 0.2% of systems that do have authoring tools are extremely limited. Nothing comes close to our LMS in terms of authoring capabilities.

Custom tailoring

All other LMS solutions are provided as-is out of the box solutions. What you see is what you get, and if you don’t like it, or it doesn’t quite meet your needs, then that’s just too bad. It’s a bit like buying clothing at a clothing store. If you find anything you like, or something doesn’t fit, then generally that’s just too bad for you, go elsewhere and keep looking. Our LMS is different, in that we are much more like a custom tailor. We can adapt and modify our LMS to perfectly meet the needs of clients- turning features off that they don’t want, and turning features on that they do. In that way, we are much more like a custom tailor. You pick the fabric, you pick the style, and things are made to your exact specifications that meets the needs of your organization or clients. And in the unlikely event that there is an important feature we don’t have, we’ll create it free of charge. No software company does that. We also do software integration, as our LMS has an extensive range of APIs, authentication capabilities and data sharing.

Personal learning

Nearly all LMS solutions present a ‘one size fits all’ library of content that is the same for everyone. Remember the SharePoint-based old system, how nobody could find anything and most people regarded it as useless. In our LMS, every single user has to personalized learning plan generated just for them based on who they are, their level of expertise, interests, goals, and memberships in organizations or projects. Content can be automatically assigned or individually assigned by a manager in the case of personal development and quarterly reviews or 360s. There’s also the possibility of having a complete course catalog of optional content employees can complete on their own, or even purchase using the powerful e-commerce capabilities we have.

Adaptive content

Our LMS has a special ability to dynamically adapt content based on how people interact with it. This is something completely unique to our LMS thanks to what we call ‘element logic’. In our learning management system, every piece of information (blocks of text, images, embedded videos, SCORM objects, questions, charts and graphs) has an address and the ability to be made visible or invisible based on how people answer questions or how they interact with the elements on a page.

There is much more to our LMS than that, but I’d say that these are the primary differentiating factors that set us apart from other systems on the market.

Want to demo our LMS or require additional information, contact us at HR Difference. Find out why so many of our global clients have chosen us over other systems available in the market.

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