Why HR Difference

We actually want to help you make positive changes to your business through training and consultation, all within your budget.
Our business is comprised of human resources, training and management professionals who possess the necessary combination of education, practical experience and sensitivity to help you meet your specific requirements.
Our team of HR pros are all designated Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR). This means we are experienced and have been recognized by the Human Resources Association to deliver the best service possible at all times. From human resources consulting to professional training and learning management system solutions, we can offer services whenever they are needed.
We thrive on providing the best possible service to individuals and companies of all sizes that either do not have an HR department or do not have big company budgets to spend on high level products, services, training or e-learning solutions.
This allows for extensive performance improvements without the vast financial input that many deem necessary for strong, effective human resources.
Unlike other HR consulting companies that demand large costs or influence you with unnecessary goods and services, we work with clients to find solutions that work within your budget.
Really - you tell us what you require within a budget and we will try and work with you to make it happen. From offering efficient LMS or training to offering recruitment advice, we tailor the service to meet your needs.
Remember, we run our own business as well, so we know the challenges you are facing. We face them every day!

Our success comes from seeing you succeed.

Working with us, we will support you to:

Hire smarter

Hiring the right people for your business allows you to find key talent that fits your organizational vision, values and goals. Thanks to our input and detail you can make human resources management easier whilst improving the accuracy of your decisions in doing so.

Keep the best talent

Studies have shown it can cost up to 6 months’ salary to lose and replace a professional. Implementing the right retention tools and strategies can have a significant impact. Your business has no reason not to deliver the best coaching and management, so allow us to help you offer elite services that maintain staff loyalty. For example, a large hotel chain calculated that a 10% decrease in annual employee turnover led to a 1-3% decrease in lost customers. That translated to a $50-$100 million increase in annual revenues.

Increase overall productivity

Engaged, committed employees are more productive. Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year (Source: Workplace Research Foundation). Productivity leads to a better bottom line for your business. This increased productivity is perfect for managing your business when it comes to leaving the right impression and setting the standard in training, recruitment and learning generally.

Provide better customer service

Aligning individual employees to your strategic vision and goals will result in better customer service. Employees who understand their role within your organization bring a passion to their jobs that shows up to your clients. The end result is that your business is going to stand out far more than it would have in the past, with our job interview coaching making sure that you deal with every customer enquiry using the right people.

Maintain a competitive edge

Having a solid, committed team will give you a strong advantage over your competition. Clients are going to do repeat business with those they have built relationships with. Our business carries one specific and key element – consistency. We help to make sure your business can be consistent in success, too!

Save you time…and money!

We are your HR Difference